About Us

Vrika Organic, engaged in business-to-business trade for years is now ready to launch its very own FMCG brand.

The trade emerged after independence in Amritsar district in Punjab. Initiated by Mr. Bal Kishan Khurana, the embodiment of empathy, this trade didn’t just turn into a prosperous business but also a way of helping manifold people, some of whom were even in the same trade.

He was indeed a brand in himself and following his footsteps, his son Mr. Ashok Khurana got on board. Together they earned a name for themselves and built a reputable brand that is still respected today.

Joined in by their third generation, Mr. Vishal Khurana, the business became a company, and is all set to be a high leading brand with the added knowledge and skills of their fourth heir Ms Vrinda Khurana. We also hope to give our customers the comfort of home for which we have with us a homemaker turned businesswoman Mrs Priya Khurana. The team put together will do their best to cater to their customers in every way they can.

We are presently the top sellers of pulses (polished and unpolished), as our products have a high demand in all parts of Punjab. We have stricter procurement and verification procedures for raw materials than anybody else in our industry.

Given the sizable business to consumer market for pulses,we’ve now launched Vrika Organic to improve people’s health by assisting them in making the best decision.We are bringing our seasoned knowledge and expertise of pulses into this field of competition for people to rationally differentiate between the price and quality offered. 

 We care for our family, and for yours too.

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About us


Since 1947 we have been providing the best procured pulses. We believe in customer satisfaction through our quality. Over the years we have established a good position in Punjab’s market and are recognised for offering best quality at nominal prices. Due to a high demand of our pulses, we are now entering into the business to consumer market as well, by launching Vrika Organic.

Everyone makes such strong but hollow claims about their sincerity and commitment to provide consumers the best service possible that the meaning behind these phrases has been lost.

We want to be a company with a similar ethos, not just in words but in our work as well. We wish to establish confidence with clients of all ages by providing the highest quality pulses.

As a budding national brand, we wish to remind all consumers to choose the best products for their health. We want to reach out to every home in our nation while keeping costs competitive with the unmatched quality.

Our Mission

To simplify people’s life by providing them with better options available in the market. Our primary focus is on Wholesome, hygienic, and secure goods. Natural products without preservatives for everyone’s good health.

Our Vision

  • To establish a world-class FMCG business.
  • To foster customer confidence.
  • To increase trust and reputation, not simply financial success.
  • Significant sales both domestically and overseas.

Meet The Team

Mr. Ashok Khurana
With years of experience and wisdom he comes in as the master of his trade. He is willing to support the endeavours of his children. And he always keeps them empowering with the best advices and suggestions.
Mr. Vishal Khurana
A successful businessman bringing laurels to his legacy for more than 30 years. Inherent business mind and undeterred spirit defines him. His vision is to achieve the best he can in terms of price and quality.
Mrs.Priya Khurana
A homemaker turned business woman who values healthy diet for a healthy life for her family. Entered the business world by procuring best quality products and catering to the healthy dietary needs of millions.
Miss Vrinda Khurana
A sprouting entrepreneur with High aims and higher dreams. set out with a mission to change the shape of FMCG market. After completing her graduation in Economic from DU, this young achiever focuses on the importance of policy formulations and strategies to run a business.
Miss.Vedika Khurana
Vedika Khurana is one of the Five directors of Vrika Organic.